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The Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures (complete archives)

The Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures are presented annually over 5 days by renowned international speakers each July. The EVA aim to make these annual lectures the premier resource for the continuing education of equine interest veterinarians in the southern hemisphere.

The complete archive of Bain Fallon Proceedings on SciQuest contains the full text of all articles published since the inaugural meeting in 1974 to date, in fully indexed and searchable format. Currently this comprises more than 700 high-quality articles covering a wide range of topics in equine medicine, surgery, nutrition and reproduction, making this an unparalleled resource for equine practitioners.

The Australian Equine Veterinarian - the Journal of EVA (selected articles)

The Australian Equine Veterinarian is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published quarterly, presenting clinical papers, case reports and other material of interest to equine practitioners such as news and industry notices.
Now more than 500 key articles from the journal published since 1983 are available to subscribers online in fully indexed and searchable format.

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Terms and conditions of electronic access for the proceedings of the Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures

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When are the issues published?

The Australian Equine Veterinarian is published quarterly. The Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures proceedings is published and released in July.
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