Monitoring swine health in the Netherlands: an online platform tool

Monitoring swine health in the Netherlands: an online platform tool
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The need for timely animal disease information has become more crucial than ever, not only for animal health stakeholders but also for the general public worldwide. As the field of veterinary monitoring and surveillance continues to develop, the adoption of new tools able to collect important information from the field, becomes essential in order to promote farmers and veterinary practitioners participation and allow data integration from different sources. We propose to review an online platform, which besides other passive and active data collecting tools, was set up in the Netherlands to complement the porcine health surveillance system. After one year from the introduction of the Online Monitor Porcine Health system, 1800 farm visits are reported per month. An example is provided on how clinical signs observed in the fields can be combined with this online platform system to increase the sensitivity and specificity of surveillance of swine health.

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