Can a metabolic profile be developed for NZ conditions?

Can a metabolic profile be developed for NZ conditions?
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The applications of several laboratory analyses to the diagnosis of conditions leading to sub-optimal production of grazing livestock have been examined by a Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries` Study Group. Information required to make valid interpretations of analyses was sought from current research work. Analysis of serum magnesium appears to have good predictive value for indicating when magnesium supplementation will generate a milk production response. Comparable information is not available for selenium or copper. Present laboratory analyses for diagnosing non-recovery from facial eczema, or preventing the “parturition syndrome”, are insufficiently reliable to be recommended. Similarly, a profile for energy status has not yet been developed. The Study Group believed that a research investment in several of these areas could generate useful predictive relationships and provide more certain diagnosis of reasons for poor production in the future.

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