Bovine leukaemia virus infection in New Zealand cattle

Bovine leukaemia virus infection in New Zealand cattle
Peer reviewed


Bovine Leukaemia Virus (BLV) infection in New Zealand cattle was investigated. In a national survey of 5000 sera from 500 herds, BLV antibody was not detected. An additional 1062 sera from 140 herds were tested and 3 sera were positive. In the herd of origin of one of these 3 sera, 22.6% of cattle were serologically positive for BLV. Where cases of bovine lymphosarcoma had been diagnosed, 38 of 39 herds tested were negative for BLV antibody. Within the remaining herd, 36% of cows tested were serologically-positive. BLV was isolated from 2 serologically positive cows in this herd.

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