Register of anthelmintic resistant nematodes in New Zealand

Register of anthelmintic resistant nematodes in New Zealand
Peer reviewed


Since the first report of anthelmintic resistance in N.Z. in 1979 many new cases have been found. Published instances of resistance, together with some other cases investigated by us, are summarised. In addition, but not tabulated, there are numerous unsubstantiated reports of resistance (i.e. reduced efficacy of drenches, apparently not related to drenching procedures) as well as a number of confirmed but unpublished records. We propose the establishment of a National Register of all instances of anthelmintic resistance found, and the publication of an annual summary of new cases. The register should provide a better appreciation of the resistance problem as well as its prevalence and geographic distribution. The annual summary will give an indication of any change in the extent of the problem. To obtain data for the Register we propose to distribute a standard circular and questionnaire to all veterinarians and other interested parties soliciting information on cases they have encountered…

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