The management of epilepsy in dogs

The management of epilepsy in dogs
Peer reviewed


We read the review by M.E Tartellin (N.Z. vet. J. August 1985) of the above publication with interest and indeed we appreciate his dilemma. Hopefully it will be of help to readers if we point out that the text is intended simply as a refresher for veterinary surgeons in practice, especially those that are involved in mixed or large animal practice and who see relatively few dogs. The volume is designed principally for intelligent clients who have a dog with epilepsy. We feel that much is to be gained for all concerned and especially the pet if such owners understand the subject in greater depth. The guide is used for the purpose described above in the UK and a large number have been distributed by veterinary surgeons. Incidentally a copy was sent free to all practices with the compliments of Parke-Davis.

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