Live sheep exports - a reply

Live sheep exports - a reply
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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reply to the letters regarding the export of live sheep for slaughter. The NZVA indeed adopted a policy of supporting this trade, however not without qualification. The support was given provided that the health and welfare requirements of the sheep were met. This policy was stated and explained in a media release dated 24 September, which received widespread press coverage. To quote “Mr Trim said that veterinarians recognised the plight in which many farmers had been placed and saw live exports as one means of them gaining better prices for their lambs.” Subsequent to this announcement the Association approved a Task Force, with myself as Convenor, details of which have already been published both in this Journal and by general media releases. Briefly, the Task Force was given the job of ensuring that the health and welfare requirements of any sheep being exported for slaughter were met…

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