Clenbuterol as an aid in the surgical correction of the twisted bovine uterus

Clenbuterol as an aid in the surgical correction of the twisted bovine uterus
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Clenbuterol is a potent beta-2 sympathomimetic drug and therefore has both bronchodilator and tocolytic properties. It is widely used in cattle and sheep to relax the uterus, by abolition of uterine contractions, at the time of parturition and particularly: 1. to postpone parturition for a short period, 2. in embryo transfer recipients, using the surgical flank method, 3. to aid in the management of dystocias and uterine spasticity, (4. in caesarean sections and foetotomies, 5. to aid in the replacement of uterine prolapses. It is stated that clenbuterol, when used in the treatment of dystocias and when performing caesarean sections and foetotomies, greatly facilitates the manipulation of both the uterus and the foetus. We have used clenbuterol routinely in our practice in the last three years at a dose rate of 0.3-0.45 mg (10-15 ml) intramuscularly or intravenously when presented with cases of dystocia needing a caesarean section, or partial or complete, foetotomy and in the replacement of uterine prolapses…

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