A study of incisor condition in aged red hinds

A study of incisor condition in aged red hinds
Peer reviewed


Excessively worn incisors are common in ewes in New Zealand: A recent survey showed that excessively worn incisors and periodontal disease of sheep are common in the Dunedin area. However, little is known about the incisor dentition of farmed deer in New Zealand. We recently completed a study of the incisors of aged deer which may be of interest to practitioners who work with deer. The study involved fifty-one aged red hinds on Invermay Farm. Their incisors were first examined in 1985. Twenty hinds were then at least 14% years old, 17 were 11 ½ years old and 14 were 10 ½ years old. Thirty-four hinds including most of the oldest hinds were examined again in 1986 and 1987. The 20 oldest hinds were usually farmed separately and provided with better pasture than the younger deer. For examination…

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