Monitoring the health of pigs in New Zealand abattoirs

Monitoring the health of pigs in New Zealand abattoirs
Peer reviewed


A survey of the prevalence of pneumonia, ascariasis, mange, oesophagogastric ulcers and porcine intestinal adenomatosis was carried out during 1986-90 on 2792 baconer pigs from 46 herds located in Canterbury, North Otago and the southern part of the North Island of New Zealand. Enzootic pneumonia had an overall prevalence of 45%, ascariasis 13% and clinical mange 13%. Oesophagogastric ulceration was a problem in certain herds only, whilst porcine intestinal adenomatosis and associated ileal lesions had a very low prevalence (7%). Examination of 534 snouts for atrophic rhinitis revealed a prevalence of 31%, but most of ihe lesions recorded were very mild.

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