Papillomavirus-induced dermatofibroma in cattle following tuberculin testing

Papillomavirus-induced dermatofibroma in cattle following tuberculin testing
Peer reviewed


Papillomavirus was identified in two fibromatous dermal nodules which were representative of those present in the caudal fold skin of the tail in 25 of 145 beef cattle tuberculin tested 3 months earlier. Bovine warts were endemic on the property and it is hypothesised that the papilloma virus was introduced intradermally by a virus-contaminated tuberculin syringe. At palpation, the well-circumscribed hard nodular lesions were atypical of the diffuse caudal fold swelling usually present in reactions to tuberculin. Provided tuberculin testing officers are aware of the risk of fibroma and papilloma induction by transmission of papillomavirus, and they are careful to prevent equipment
coming into contact with warts at time of inoculation, this source of inaccuracy may be avoided.

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