Nerve sheath tumours in the dog and cat

Nerve sheath tumours in the dog and cat
Peer reviewed


Schwarmomas were diagnosed in twelve dogs and five cats at Massey University Small Animal Clinic and Hospital over a 15-year period (1977-92). A further two feline cases were reported at the Batchelar Animal Health Laboratory. In six dogs, the tumour involved nerves of the brachial plexus. Clinical signs observed in these dogs were forelimb lameness, muscle wasting and pain on movement of the affected limb or neck. Hindlimb paresis was observed in two dogs. Surgical excision of the brachial plexus tumour was attempted in one dog, leading to an 8-month remission of signs. In one dog, the tumour involved the sacral nerves, and in two dogs the cranial nerves were affected. Three dogs had skin nodules. Seven of the twelve affected dogs were destroyed. In five cats, the tumours developed on the carpus, tarsus or interdigital area of a forelimb or hindlimb as a slowly developing nodular lesion. In the other two cats, the site of the tumour was the flank and the lateral thigh respectively. Surgical excision of the tumour was successful in three cats.

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