Sheep cobalt deficiency in Central Otago

Sheep cobalt deficiency in Central Otago
Peer reviewed


Historically, Central Otago has been considered an area where cobalt deficiency in sheep is rarely diagnosed. In recent years, liver Vitamin B12 concentrations in the responsive (less than 282 nmol/kg) and marginal (282-375 nmol/kg) ranges have been noted. To determine on what soil groups these cases were occurring, farms where marginal or responsive liver Vitamin B12 concentrations occurred were identified and plotted on a soil map. This information was from the Roxburgh, Alexandra, Omakau, Poolburn, Ranfurly, Cromwell, Wanaka and Tarras areas. Only laboratory cases in which three or more liver samples were submitted for analysis were used in this study. The mean liver Vitamin B12 concentration and lower and upper concentrations are detailed…

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