Localised tetanus in two cats after ovariohysterectomy

Localised tetanus in two cats after ovariohysterectomy
Peer reviewed


Localised tetanus was diagnosed in two cats 14 and 21 days after ovariohysterectomy by a left flank surgical approach. The diagnosis in each case was based on their history, clinical signs and diagnostic investigations which excluded other possible diagnoses. Both cats showed scoliosis of the lumbar spine and left hind limb spasticity. One cat`s clinical signs were exacerbated after the administration of corticosteroids. One cat was treated with oral amoxycillin and diazepam, and the second cat received penicillin, tetanus antitoxin, methocarbarnol and diazepam. Both cats improved after treatment but recovery was prolonged and the spasticity did not resolve until 12 weeks after diagnosis in one cat. The second cat was lost to follow up after 8 weeks.

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