A lower motor neuron disease in newborn Romney lambs

A lower motor neuron disease in newborn Romney lambs
Peer reviewed


AIM: To determine the cause and nature of a disease in newborn New Zealand Romney lambs characterised by progressive weakness and premature death.
METHODS: Affected lambs were examined clinically, humanely killed and submitted to necropsy. Selected fonmalinfixed tissues were examined histologically. Data on the parentage of the lambs were collected.
RESULTS: The principle lesions found were degeneration and loss of neurons in ventral horns of the spinal cord and brain stem and Wallerian degeneration of motor nerves and denervation atrophy of skeletal muscles fibres.
CONCLUSION: The lesions are those of a lower motor neuron disease which appeared to have a genetic cause.
KEY WORDS: Lambs, lower motor neuron disease, inherited.

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