Salmonella Brandenburg in non-pregnant 8-month-old sheep

Salmonella Brandenburg in non-pregnant 8-month-old sheep
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Salmonella Brandenburg has been reported as a cause of abortion and often subsequent death of ewes from areas of the South Island of New Zealand (Bailey, 1998 and Clark et al., 1999). This bacterium has also been isolated from a bitch with metritis, a dog with diarrhoea, cattle with diarrhoea and black-backed gulls (Laurus dominicanus) (Clark et al., 1999). It has also been isolated from pigs, goats, a takahe (Notornis mantelli) and a deer (Bailey, 1998). Until recently S. Brandenburg was thought only to affect sheep in the later stages of pregnancy. We wish to report a case in which Salmonella Brandenburg was associated with disease in 8-monthold non-pregnant sheep on a farm in Southland. In early May, 400 of these sheep were being grazed and 12 developed diarrhoea and subsequently died. The sheep were in good body condition and set stocked at the time of the outbreak. At necropsy of one lamb it had reddened abomasal and small intestinal mucosa. Fresh intestinal contents and a range of tissues fixed for histological examination were sent to the laboratory. On histological examination…

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