Nasal cryptococcosis in two dogs in New Zealand

Nasal cryptococcosis in two dogs in New Zealand
Peer reviewed


CASE HISTORY: Two young, large-breed female dogs were presented with an acute onset of sneezing and nasal discharge. One patient had concurrent epistaxis and facial deformity.
CLINICAL FINDINGS: Decreased airflow was noted through the left nostril in Case 1, while Case 2 showed facial deformity. Nasal radiographs from Case 1 showed a soft tissue opacity in the left nasal cavity and frontal sinus. Rhinoscopy revealed roughened, erythematous nasal turbinates in both patients, and a mass in the left caudal nasal cavity of Case 1. Cryptococcus spp. were demonstrated histopathologically on a nasal biopsy. Tissue culture and serum antigen titres were positive for Cryptococcus spp.
DIAGNOSIS: Chronic rhinitis secondary to Cryptococcus gattii infection in Case 1, and Cryptococcus neoformans infection in Case 2.
CLINICAL RELEVANCE: These are the first reported cases of Cryptococcus spp. rhinitis in dogs in New Zealand.
KEY WORDS: Rhinitis, Cryptococcus, canine

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