Animal Health Laboratory Network review of diagnostic cases - July to September 1990

Animal Health Laboratory Network review of diagnostic cases - July to September 1990
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Thompson J, Orr MB
Surveillance, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp 3-4, Jan 1990

Article class: Laboratory Report

Subject Terms: Abdomen, Abortion/stillbirth, Alimentary system/gastroenterology, Anatomy, Animal remedies/veterinary medicines, Anthelmintics, Bacterial, Biochemistry/chemistry, Cardiology, Circulatory system/haematology, Clinical pathology, Congenital disease, Copper, Diagnostic procedures, Diet/rations/food, Disease/defect, Endocrine/autocrine/paracrine, Fungal/yeast, Genetics, Growth/development, Idiopathic disease, Immune system/immunology, Infectious disease, Inflammation, Inherited disease/conditions, Integument/skin/wool/hair/fur/feather, Kidney/renal disease, Liver/hepatic disease, Locomotor, Lymphatic system, Meat, Metabolic disease, Minerals/elememts, Mortality/morbidity, Muscle/myology, Mycobacterial, Mycotoxicosis, Nematode, Neonatal, Neoplasia, Nervous system/neurology, Notifiable organisms/exotic disease, Nutritional disease/disorder, Nutrition/metabolism, Oncology, Parasite control, Parasites - internal, Pathology, Pest/pesticides, Photosensitivity, Poisoning - chemical, Poisoning - plant, Protozoa, Reproduction, Reproduction - female, Respiratory system, Selenium, Skeletal/bone/cartilage, Slaughter, Sudden death, Syndrome, Thyroid, Toxicology, Trace elements, Treatment/therapy, Urinary system/urology, Viral, Vitamins, Wasting disease/disorder, Zoonosis

Animal Type: Avian, Camelid, Cattle, Deer, Goat, Horse, Lamoid, Livestock, Pig, Poultry, Production animal, Ruminant, Sheep

Publisher: Ministry for Primary Industries

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