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NZVJ virtual issue: World Small Animal Veterinary Association Conference 2013

The New Zealand Veterinary Journal (NZVJ) is proud to present a dedicated online virtual issue containing a selection of invited review papers from keynote speakers at the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) 2013 Congress in Auckland. WSAVA keynote review articles in this issue will be available as free downloads until the end of May 2013 and will be published in print in the NZVJ July 2013 issue. View the full virtual issue at www.vetjournal.org.nz/wsava-2013-virtual-issue more >>

Free access to veterinary articles as part of World Veterinary Day

Taylor and Francis are offering free access to a selection of articles as part of their 2013 World Veterinary Day celebrations. Free access is being given to vaccination related articles, to fit with the World Veterinary Day theme "Vaccination to prevent and protect". Visit http://ow.ly/krF4R Free access available until 30 June 2013. more >>


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